Automated reconnaissance and penetration testing

Heyhack's automated reconnaissance and penetration testing suite helps you gain a complete overview of your entire application portfolio and empowers you to remediate security issues quickly.
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Fix security issues early

Security bugs are 30 times more expensive to fix after going live compared to fixing them in the early design phase. Heyhack helps find issues early.
Continuously scan your web applications

Heyhack is the most developer-friendly penetration testing tool on the market and makes it easy to set up continuous scanning of your entire web application portfolio.

Integrate with your developer tools

Heyhack seamlessly integrates with your existing developer tools and proactively notifies your developers and product owners of found vulnerabilities in your web applications.

Remediate issues in minutes

Heyhack collects relevant technical details and screenshots of found vulnerabilities so that your developers can patch issues quickly. Heyhack automatically retests issues to verify patches.

Build security into your products from the very beginning

Shift left penetration testing

Shift left testing is all about pushing testing toward the early stages of software development. Heyhack empowers your development team to become aware of vulnerabilities early on and fix them before they become too complicated and time-consuming to remediate.
Save up to 30x by fixing security issues in the design phase rather than after release (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
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Integrate with your existing developer tools

Leverage your current development environment

Heyhack integrates with your existing development and project management tools. Easily gain a complete overview of outstanding vulnerabilities, test coverage of your application portfolio, suggestions to remediate issues, and much more.
It literally takes less than 5 minutes to fully set up and configure Heyhack.
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Heyhack supports your DevSecOps efforts

Bring your developers and security together

Bring penetration testing into the development process from the very beginning. Heyhack lets developers set up automated penetration tests of your web applications in a matter minutes and enables your security team to work proactively together with your developers.
Heyhack is the common platform that caters for the needs of both development and security.
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Penetration testing as an integrated part of your development flow

Run penetration tests continuously

Set up your web applications
Setting up a web application in Heyhack takes less than 5 minutes. After the setup, Heyhack will continuously scan and test your application on a schedule that suits your needs.
Fix issues fast
Heyhack integrates with your current SDLC stack and immediately notifies your developers and your security team of found vulnerabilities, including all of the details needed to fix them.
Verify security fixes
Once you have applied a fix to a security vulnerability, you can quickly retest the issue to see if the applied patch has resolved the issue sufficiently, giving you peace of mind.
Bring DevSecOps together in your organization

Development + Security + Operations

Heyhack automatically conducts penetration tests of your web applications as part of your CI/CD pipelines and will notify developers of findings. Moreover, Heyhack provides detailed information on found vulnerabilities, making it easy to fix issues in a matter of minutes.
Security Teams
Security teams can easily gain an overview of all applications your portfolio. Via Heyhack's interactive dashboard, they can dive into the state of security across your products and work with developers to remediate issues and comply with both internal and external requirements.
Your operations team can stay on top of what's being released to production and the state of your applications in your live environments. Heyhack works with a range of SIEM solutions—including PagerDuty, Splunk, and Sumo Logic—to integrate seamlessly with your existing tools.

Boost security, reduce risk

Book a meeting with one of our security experts and learn how Heyhack can help your development teams building security into the core of your products.
Put penetration testing on autopilot and immediately reduce your risk.
“Heyhack helps us gain a complete overview of the security of our application and patch vulnerabilities early.”
Søren Viuff
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