100% coverage and transparency

Explore every single test case on every page

Heyhack records screenshots of every page, modal, and popup and annotates interactive elements such as <button>, <form>, and <input> tags.
From the coverage explorer you can click on every single element and examine the entire suite of test cases run on the individual element.

Transparent OWASP Top 10 tests

The Open Web Application Security Project routinely updates its top 10 list of most critical security risks to web applications. Heyhack runs a comprehensive, transparent test suite testing for every single vulnerability covered by the OWASP Top 10.
After a completed scan of your web app, you can explore every single test case executed by Heyhack. A test case include details about the specific vulnerability it is testing for, how the test is conducted, and whether the test has passed or it resulted in a finding.
We believe that only by being 100% transparent about the test cases we run, you can trust the results produced by Heyhack. In addition, if you employ your own penetration testers or work with consultants, you can show everything that has already been tested by Heyhack in great detail and have them focus their efforts on other parts of your IT infrastructure.
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With a little help from our friends

We stay current with a little help from our friends. Heyhack participates actively in open-source communities of web security researchers and leverages the CWE to make sure Heyhack is always up-to-date with actual security threats.
The Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) is a community-developed list of software and hardware weakness types. It serves as a common language, a measuring stick for security tools, and as a baseline for weakness identification, mitigation, and prevention efforts.
Heyhack continuously monitors the CWE Software Development list and implements test cases as soon as new weaknesses are discovered. This way, you can rest assured that we will always scan and test for current risks in modern web application development.
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Boost security, reduce risk

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Put penetration testing on autopilot and immediately reduce your risk.
“Heyhack helps us gain a complete overview of the security of our application and patch vulnerabilities early.”
Søren Viuff
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