Connect Heyhack to your dev tools, email, or Slack

Integrate Heyhack with more than 5,000 apps

Hook up you current dev tools (like Jira, GitHub, or Azure DevOps) and set up flows that trigger every time Heyhack detects a new vulnerability in your web app.

Integrate Heyhack with your tools

Connect Heyhack seamlessly to your existing development flow. Automatically, create issues or send channel messages in Slack or Teams whenever Heyhack finds a new vulnerability.
Use Heyhack's Zapier integration to create automated workflows with more the 5,000 applications. Have Heyhack create a new issue Jira, GitHub, or any other developer productivity you might be using and ensure that your developers become aware of found vulnerabilities.
Leverage your existing processes for prioritizing the fixing of bugs and issues by including vulnerabilities found by Heyhack in the environment you already work in. This enables you to keep up a high level of productivity while strengthening security or your web application.
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More than 5,000 integrations

Through Zapier, you get access to more than 5,000 apps to integrate with. Create custom flows with filters and formatters to tailor the creation of issues and tasks exactly to your needs.
Zapier offers a quite generous free plan, which means that, if you do not use Zapier for other integrations, you can integrate Heyhack for free with your dev and productivity tools. You can literally get started in a matter of seconds with Heyhack's Zap templates for the most popular tools.
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Boost security, reduce risk

Book a meeting with one of our security experts and learn how Heyhack can help your development teams building security into the core of your products.
Put penetration testing on autopilot and immediately reduce your risk.
“Heyhack helps us gain a complete overview of the security of our application and patch vulnerabilities early.”
Søren Viuff
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