Track Your Security Progress in Heyhack’s New Dashboard

We recently released our new dashboard, giving Chief Information Security Officers a better overview of the level of their application security. Learn more about this blog post.
Sebastian Brandes
Sebastian Brandes

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) often struggle with tracking the progress of their security efforts—particularly in the application security domain. Typically, the responsibility for implementing fixes to security issues lies with developers who track their work in tools such as Jira and Azure DevOps that most CISOs do not interact with daily.

To help CISOs gain an overview of the overall security level of an organization's application portfolio, we've built a brand new dashboard that provides all the right information clearly and consistently. Combined with our new Heyhack Security Score®, it's quick to get an update on the state of your application security and take the right actions to improve your score.

Heyhack Security Score

The Heyhack Security Score® is an aggregate that summarizes the number of issues and their CVSS 3.0 scores for an application or an entire portfolio. The score goes from 0 to 100:

  • Closer to 0 reflects an insecure application/portfolio;
  • Close to 100 reflects a highly secure application/portfolio.

The Score is calculated every time a new issue is found, an issue has been rejected, or Heyhack detects that your development team has resolved an issue. This way, you can see your progress over time and ensure that things are going in the right direction from a security perspective. 😃

A New and Improved Dashboard

The new dashboard has been enabled for all Heyhack customers and trial accounts. You can try it out already now by logging into your Heyhack account. You can also see a sample screenshot of the new dashboard below.

If you wish to manually recalculate your Heyhack Security Score, you can always do so by click the Refresh icon on the dashboard. 🙂

Seamless Integration with our APIs

Using our APIs, you can export your results, including your Heyhack Security Score, from Heyhack to build one unified overview of the security of all your assets (including devices, endpoints, file shares, etc.). Contact one of our security experts to learn how to build one security dashboard to rule them all.

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