Up to 3x Faster Penetration Tests

With an innovative "page load strategy", we've achieved a remarkable up to 3x improvement in the speed of penetration tests.
Anders Skovsgaard
Anders Skovsgaard

At Heyhack, we maintain a strong commitment to thoroughly testing all the functionality within our customers' web applications. This entails a comprehensive examination of all pages, modals, input fields, etc. Simultaneously, we continuously expand our test suite, incorporating improvements and addressing new vulnerabilities. Consequently, the time required for a penetration test may increase as we introduce new features.

We have dedicated substantial effort to crafting an innovative "page load strategy" that significantly expedites page rendering compared to our previous methods. Importantly, we ensure that all content, including external API data and dependencies, is fully loaded. As a result of these enhancements, we've achieved a remarkable up to 3x improvement in the speed of penetration tests, particularly for complex web applications.

Over the weekend, we deployed the new page loader to our production environments. Furthermore, for our customers utilizing on-premise solutions, we have made the latest Docker images available with this new functionality.

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