Automatic creation of PDF reports

Easily generate the documention you need

Once a scan is complete, you can review the results online or generate a PDF report with just the sections you need to provide documentation for auditors and customers.

Customizable PDF reports

When a scan of your web application has completed, you can export the results to a customizable PDF report. Based on the needs of the recipient, you can select just the sections required. An auditor might need more technical details while a customer is a fine with a high-level executive summary.
In addition, if you work with customers who care about security and need to conduct vendor assessments, you can easily supply the documentation they require and, thus, land sales faster. Tailor the PDF report to your customer's need and, optionally, encrypt it with a password that lets you share it externally without having to worry about unauthorized access.
If you are pursuing SOC 2 or ISO 27001 compliance, you can solve requirements quicker and provide the evidence needed in a matter of seconds with Heyhack. We follow the OWASP Web Security Testing Guide—the leading methodology for web application security testing in the industry—which is required by many certifications.
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Detailed descriptions of findings

Optionally, share detailed descriptions of vulnerabilities with auditors or third-party developers. Using these descriptions, trusted partners can help you resolve issues faster.
Every failed test case run by Heyhack results in a finding. If you choose to include the section on detailed descriptions of findings in the PDF report, all technical details with respect to the found vulnerability is included in the report makes it super easy for auditors and developers to help you patch the issues and achieve a higher level of security of your web app.
If you do not wish to share detailed descriptions, you can opt to include a high-level technical summary of the findings instead that does not include the details needed to replicate an attack. The technical summary only includes a list of the names of found vulnerabilities, their severity score, and whether you have either accepted, rejected, or resolved the finding.
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Put penetration testing on autopilot and immediately reduce your risk.
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