The world's most advanced Dynamic Application Security Testing solution

Find vulnerabilities before hackers do

Heyhack runs automated penetration tests to help you increase the security of your applications and protect against cyber attacks and data breaches.

Customize scans to suit your flow

Heyhack Scan is based on strong set of default settings learned from millions of scans of a large variety of different web apps. This means that you don't have to configure anything whatsoever in order for Heyhack Scan to test your web application. 💪
Though, if you need to, you can change all of the settings that Heyhack relies on—including what browser to use for scanning (Chrome or Firefox), the User-Agent header, the frequency of scanning, the paths to include/ignore, the test cases Heyhack should run, and many others.
You decide whether to run Heyhack on your production site and/or to scan your staging site before approving a release. Heyhack is highly configurable and offers simple APIs that you can call from your CI/CD pipeline to fully control when and how Heyhack should conduct scans.
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Supporting multiple test users

The number 1 vulnerability in web applications as of 2021 is Broken Access Control. In order to test for Broken Access Control issues, you can provide the credentials of one or more users.
Whether your web app is protected your own authentication system, an identity service like Auth0, or a third-party identity provider such as Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure Active Directory, you can configure Heyhack to log in as one or more users during scanning.
Heyhack can scan everything behind your login page and intelligently maintains user sessions throughout long scanning procedures without accidentally logging out. Doing so lets Heyhack test whether users can bypass access control checks, elevate their privileges, viewing or editing another user's data, manipulate metadata, and more.
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Supporting every kind of web app ✌️

Web development in 2022 is rather advanced and modern web apps make use of complex JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue to provide rich experiences to users. Heyhack is platform-independent and supports all types of web apps.
Headless Chrome/Firefox
Heyhack uses headless Chrome and/or Firefox to interact with your web app just like users (and hackers) would.
Real user simulation
Rather than programmatically invoking functionality, Heyhack interacts with elements like real users do.
React, Angular, and Vue
Heyhack supports every single JavaScript frontend framework out there, incl. React, Angular, and Vue.js.
Configurable schedules
Configure Heyhack to run periodically (daily, weekly, or monthly) and/or as a part of your CI/CD pipeline.
Multiple test modes
Run either full tests or light tests. Full tests include injection attacks while light tests only tests for issues passively.
Detect and attack
When scanning, Heyhack does not only detect vulnerabilities. It also attempts exploit them to assess their severity (CVSS 3.1).
Heyhack monitors lists of vulnerabilities published by CWE and OWASP to stay current with actual threats.
Vulnerability hashing
When a vulnerability has been found, Heyhack generates a unique hash for the finding so you can track it across scans.

Boost security, reduce risk

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Put penetration testing on autopilot and immediately reduce your risk.
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